An event coming up? A question concerning our services? Feel free to take a look at our FAQ selection and if you have any further questions, we will be more than pleased to answer all of them by email.

1/ Les bandits, in général

Wait, who are Les Bandits tho’??

Behind Les Bandits hides a team that thinks outside the box and serves your most special missions. In the photographers team, there is Mylène, Elodie, Lou, Camille, Lora and Edouard. On the video side, there is Céline and Julia and last but not least, at the stationery, there is Céline !!! And of course, our amazing secret Bandits takes delight in responding each and everyone of your emails.

Can I book each of your services (photos, video and stationery separately?

It is totally possible to dissociate the services and to choose only one of them. However, it is strongly recommended to take the photos and the video together. We are a well-trained team, which is used to working closely together. As a result, we can work with confidence, without disturbing one and another and above all, bring you a visual consistency between the photos and the video.

Do you work outside Paris?

We operate in Paris, France and all around the world to follow you in your most beautiful adventures. There are no travel costs if your event takes place in Paris, on the other hand, there are mileage charges for L’île-de-France. If your event takes place two hours away from Paris by car, it is necessary to add to the mileage fees, the cost of a room for one or two nights for the photographer and/or the videographer depending on the distance.

What happens if you get sick and are not able to make it?

Good question! In very unlikely cases of sudden illness or force majeure or any other legitimate cause beyond our control, we will make every effort to ensure the replacement of the photographer and/or videographer by a member of our team.

What kind of event do you do? Weddings? Save The Date? Lovesession? Pregnancy photoshoot?

We cover mainly weddings. But we are totally open to all types of projects! You can book a Bandit for a loveession, a Save The Date, a bachelorette party, a birthday, etc. and occasionally a pregnancy or a baby photoshoot. And for the curious, take a look at our other firm entirely dedicated to professionals mcmm.fr.

Do you speak English?

As you can see, yes, we all do!

2/ How the perfect photo & video hold-up operates

What can we expect from you on our wedding day? How do you work?

We attach a lot of importance to the spontaneous moments, but we also like to capture more artistic images, especially all the little details of your day. The main part of our work consists in photographing and/or filming what happens naturally during your wedding except for the couple session and some pictures with your relatives (families and close friends).

Generally, the photos with the relatives are done during the preparations and the couple session is done during the sunset to have the most beautiful lights. For the photos that are a little more posed, don’t worry, we’ll make you feel really comfortable and totally natural!

Most of the time, our services begin at the groom and bride’s preparations until the dancefloor. You can also book us for the town hall wedding, a brunch or any moment you would like to capture.

All our Bandits have adopted a simple and chic dress code : black trousers and a black shirt.

What is your creative process?

We are 100% responsible for the creative process from the shooting through editing and the choice of the music for your video. However, your contribution will be duly taken into account before the project.
We are committed to use our skills and expertise to capture your most precious moments. Please note that the end result can be slightly different from what you have imagined in the first place because of the creativity that we will bring to the table, we have a subjective way of making photos and videos instead of just making a photo or a video report (exactly why you had a crush on us, don’t you? :-)).

What are your prices ? Your services against a gold bar??

Our “Bonnie & Clyde” package (the most chosen one) allow us to follow you from your preparations to the dancefloor. This package starts at 2700€ TTC if you book only the photo service or the video and starts at 5400€ TTC if you take both (with a rendering of 400 photos minimum and a 5 minutes video).
We also have a lot of options in our Bandits bag that you can add to any package like the drone, the videos of speeches with a high quality sound, a second photographer if your event exceeds 100 guests, etc. However, we have many more balls in our Bandits gun and we offer way more than one package based on your wishes and needs. The “Bonnie & Clyde » is just our clients favorite.

When will we receive our photos and/or video?

We are committed to deliver your photos and video within 16 weeks from the date of the wedding. We deliver your images through an online gallery and your video through a Vimeo link. If you book a full-day service, a USB key is offered.

Do we receive the raw images?

The RAW images and the raw video files can be delivered on an external disk upon request. Please note that this include additional costs

3/ What about stationary

Do you only make invitations/wedding announcements?

We make all kinds of creations on paper, wood, shells, mirrors, etc. From menus to name tags, we make calligraphies by hand. Last but not least, we make beautiful calligraphed envelopes that will leave your guests speechless even before they discover the invitation.
Do not hesitate to share with us your wildest desires 🙂

How is the creative process going?

After the validation of the quote, we send you two to three different proposals for your announcements. We love to know as much as possible about you and your event to make a stationery that reflects your image (feel free to send us your inspirations).
Then, we need the information that must appear on the invitations like the date, the place, the program. Two modifications are included in the creative process and as soon as the creation is validated, the announcements are printed and sent to you.

What are the deadlines?

It all depends on you 🙂 After signing the quote and the 40% deposit paid, we are committed to make several proposals within 7 days. The printing time is about 10 days. If you are reactive, you can have your announcements within 30 days maximum.

What are your prices ?

Starting on a base of 100 announcement cards (personalized creation included), we can realize your invitations from 490 € ttc. Please note that the prices vary according to the finishes that you desire (gilding, selective varnish, the format, the type of paper …).

What information do you need to make a quote?

We need the number of cards for your invitations, the type of printing (gilding, selective varnish …), the type of paper and the format for each invitation. If you are a total stranger to all those words, no worries, our graphic designer will call you to discuss all these small details with you!

4/ How to book one or several bandits

How and when can I book your services?

The sooner the better, because our agenda fills up very quickly! Following our conversation via emails and following our rendez-vous in person or via Skype, you’ll only have to, to officially book and confirm our services for your big day, send us back your signed quote with 40 % HT of the total price. Please note that these fees are not refunded in the event of cancellation on your part or of a change of date except in exceptional cases.

This is it, we want you !! What information do you need?

Yeahhhh! Let the fun begin! Fill out the form or send us an email as soon as your date is set by acknowledging where the event will take place and the type of ceremony you’re preparing if it’s your wedding. To allow us to better understand your desires and prepare a great plan for your event, tell us as much details as possible about you and your event. What is your vision of this day and the atmosphere you would like to have? Then, we’ll be more than happy to meet you in our secret place in Paris or on Skype!