Julien likes waking up early, instead of Marion. He likes cooking and she loves his meals. He is crazy about sport but she preferes sleeping. But above all, Julien loves Marion and Marion loves Julien and they are so excited to say « yes » next July!

To wait until their « D day », they wanted to surprise their guests and called us to create their own Save the Date!



As soon soon as we met them, they talked about how they have met, about their epic love story and of course, about how Julien asked her few weeks ago!

The script was so obvious : walking arround Paris, picnic down the Seine and funny jokes!

Cactus, calligraphy and two bikes were on the set and we were ready to film.

Funny story : to create the perfect scene with the bikes, we had to open the boot of our car and drive while we were filming, but two cops stopped us and weren’t really happy to see us like this!! What could we said to them? We are the Bandits guys! Fortunately, everything went well at the end!


Video, Photo, Decoration, calligraphie and flowers : Les Bandits
Robe : Asos


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