Departure : Paris. Destination : the south of France. Arrival: Saint-Pierre-Des-Trépieds.

To get married, you only have to be 2… they were 64.

Our Bandit reporter has, throughout the day, experimented the particular atmosphere, sensitive and unexpected. Yes, unexpected ! Let me tell you why : after two hours of preparation in an incredible environment, our Bandit was warned, the car trip to the town hall was going to be epic ! Crazy turns and curves, a narrow road that leaves barely room for the tiny car. A self-respecting bandit does not have vertigo (no no, a self-respecting bandit hides the fact that he has vertigo).

We activate the convertible, we take the head out, kneel on the seat, we load the device and we trigger. Let’s meet the Mayor shall we ?! Tissue ? Check ! An intimate and charming place, a sober, unique and eloquent ceremony.

Then the rain came. The kind of rain every bride and groom fear on their special day. This « plan B » rain as we like to call it in the wedding industry. The kind of rain that makes every couple freak out. The type of rain you pray God to stop. Yes, we are talking about that kind of rain!

This rain came, just in the middle of the ceremony. It could have affect us, but we enjoyed every minute of it. It just magnified the day. A really charming rain, the kind of rain that brings people together. And finally, a beautiful orange sun and a stunning rainbow arrived. Our newlywed were proud and felt blessed to have that kind of show on their wedding day.

It was exactly what this wedding was all about, a palette of colors, contrasted, spicy and unexpected. A beautiful couple around thrilling families and authentic friends. In short, more than a day, a true adventure.

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