Before hitting the dance floor, having a tour of every bar and celebrating Charlotte’s bachelorette party, her girl’s band decided to offer her a little trip in the streets of Paris, beside us. 10 pumped stunning chicks and 1 excited Bandit. We were all set, the rendez-vous was booked.

82 steps later, our photographer discovered the huge rooftop of the Nuba. The clear city view, the end of summer vibe, the reflections on the mojitos glasses, the bursts of laughter and the sound of the wind hitting the palm trees. Are we still in Paris right now? We haven’t left the Paris highway though…

The result : one and half hour of a high-flying photoshoot. After this astonishing view, the whole group followed our Bandit on the docks so they can have their pin-up moment in front of the camera. Girl power mode on, everybody’s headed to the Jardin des Plantes. We will never forget the dude that thought that we were shooting the next tv show! Someone should tell him that it was actually a joke by the way !

It’s a wrap ! Sunset and a throw of flowers‘ crowns, a little reminder of Charlotte’s wedding bouquet, which will be, in a couple of months, thrown in the air!

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